Interior Valet


Mobile Interior Valeting Service

Watford | Hemel Hempstead | Dunstable | Hertfordshire

The Interior valet will compose of your vehicle being hoovered and brushed through, carpets are then shampooed and cleaned, sets are then scrubbed shampooed, if your vehicle has leather set they will be scrubbed and dried then a leather cream will be applied feeding the leather keeping supple. The cars plastic mouldings and trims are then dressed to finish off the cars new clean fresh look.

From £60

For this valet your vehicle would be required for up to two hours depending on size and condition vehicle.

Additional information: A extra charge will be incurred for vehicles with excessive amounts of pet hair.
Vehicle dressing is not to everybody's cup of tea so this option can be removed from any of valet. For any enquiries call or speak to the valeter in the van when they arrive.